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That means if you aren't really compatible in other areas, there's a good chance that your relationship won't stand the test of time.

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Sure, it's great to be head-over-heels for your partner, and it's fun to have wild debates that last into the night. And that's OK. You're Suddenly Noticing Your Partner's Faults Once passion cools down, and you're suddenly seeing all your partner's faults, it can feel kind of scary.

To the passionate men

But if you're obsessed with the fact they're an 11 on the hotness scale, it could be a you're a little too passionate. It will be a pattern mwn repeats itself.

passioate Your Conversations Aren't As Exciting While it's healthy for couples to speak their mindsand even argue occasionally, it's perfectly OK if those heated debates have lessened over the years. Of course you should.

Passionate men, emotional women: psychology constructs gender difference in the late 19th century.

By Anonymous November 20, The sexiest emotion a woman can possess is passion. But, again, that's totally not true. If you want a smart, sexy man in your life for good, you have to start meh his counterpart. In fact, in many ways, less passion can actually be a good thing.

Differences between compassionate and passionate love

Yes, you can keep up a relationship with physical infatuation for a short period of time, but the intellectual connection between two people is what keeps a paxsionate going for the long run. Beauty can only last for a certain period of time until the next pretty princess comes along and he turns his attention to her instead. But it's actually a healthy progression you need to go through, especially if you want to stay in this relationship for the right reasons.

Pzssionate what is it that will intrigue a man and set you apart from the thousands of young women in your playing field? The same concept goes for females.

To the passionate men

Someone who is not only his arm candy at an event, but who can make a conversation with his boss or fellow hte A man wants to take pride in his lady because ultimately she is the extension of his choices and tastes. That's why the boring aspects of a relationship — like a sex life that has slowed down over time, or quieter evenings — are often a of healthier situation.

But when it comes to having a healthy, long-term relationship that's built to last, these things shouldn't necessarily be what's keeping you together.

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Your SO Has Become Your Best Friend If, in the beginning, your lives were focused on passion, be grateful that things have simmered down to a healthy, supportive friendship with plenty of sex, too, if that's what you want. Men not boys are goal oriented beings thw it makes sense that they want their women to be able to relate to their success. Read on for more ways a lack of passion can actually be a good thing.

Think about it. But don't be too concerned if you two aren't going out as frequently.

And that might be just what you need. Your Relationship Feels Extra Safe, And Maybe Even A Little Boring While a dramatic and passionate relationship can be exciting, a calmer one usually means you've created a situation that's truly safe and secure.

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By Carolyn Steber Sep. However, when you are head-over-heels in love with someone, it changes your brain chemistry," certified counselor Jonathan Bennett tells Bustle.

As author and relationship coach Brian Taylor says, " That's because passion is often synonymous with drama and heated emotions, and that can be a symptom of a dysfunctional relationship, as well as one that has unhealthy patterns. Guess what?

Things Have Gotten Real, And It's Not As Fun The moment your relationship feels mature and responsible — you're going to bed on time, paying bills together, and talking about the future — it can feel like the fun is over. Diana Klebanov Elite. Pazsionate need the support, love, similar goals, and aspirations of our partner to keep passion alive. That said, a lack of passion — as it pertains to the end of the honeymoon period, dramatic arguments, etc.

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And, if those things are dying down, there are ways to bring the spark back. But in order to keep that attention, a woman needs to have a passion and eagerness to achieve something in her life; that thirst for knowledge and personal growth. But it can fade for a bit during this stage of your relationship. But keep in mind, a lack of passion in your relationship doesn't automatically mean things are doomed.

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