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Each week a different AIRR member will be introduced and say a few words about him or herself, and will then participate in providing readings and rootwork advice to our callers. Removing the herb jars and taking this monster down to paint the wall behind it was a huge task, and Alicia looks proud and happy to see everything back in place again!

Lucky mojo radio

Lucky Mojo Newsletter October Get in on the big changes afoot at the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour radio show and find out how you can be a call-in guest, follow our painting progress, grab your free Follow Me Boy spell, and check out the magical uses of the fabled Raccoon Penis Bone. ConjureMan Ali is one of the most popular and well-respected contributors to the Lucky Mojo Forumwhere he answers radoi of questions per month from people who want to know how they can use hoodoo in their own lives.

Lucky mojo radio

New Board-Op : Our new full-time board engineer is a name familiar to many of you because he has run the board and the radio chat room for years when his services were necessary -- it's nagasiva yronwodeof course! We did not have time this month to include images of them on the Lucky Mojo Statuary in our online catalogue -- but you can find them by name if you go to our Complete Inventory and scroll down to the Statuary section.

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Installation of the beautiful gilded Victorian casing moulding on the shop display room beams continues, with a new and ludky track lighting system to follow. Well, it looks like our hot, dry Summer may be coming to a precipitous and early close, as the temperature is dropping, grey clouds are moving in, and the first few rain sprinkles have hit the roof and the thirsty lawn and flower beds.

Lucky mojo radio

Read and copy the first post, which contains the questions we need answered, then follow the directions and be in the queue on the date you have specified. Details, as always, are below in this newsletter. Kioni be sure to catch him on his own radio shows online!

On air and on the internet sinceThe Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour has brought you a wealth of rado about conjure history and contemporary spiritual rootwork practices, featuring your host catherine yronwode of luckymojo. Our Announcer : Miss Tammie Lee of triplecrownconjure.

Lucky Mojo Newsletter November See our new lucly gorgeous line of altar statuary from many cultures, check out the best deerskin medicine bags, hand pouches, and tarot bags in the world, learn about how to use Bride and Groom candles, and get your free New Orleans Van Van spells. Be sure to tune in every week, as the familiar strains of "The Jug Band Waltz" al the opening of another episode of the world best-loved traditional conjure show -- The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!

about our Reseller Programs. And farther down thethat's Sophie the Portuguese Water Dog sitting in her dog run, watching the lady with the camera and holding a very good "sit-stay. Our thanks, as always, to Chris K.

I'm sure we'll have a few more sunny weeks before the real rainy season sets in, but right now i feel like curling up with a cup of hot tea! Directly raxio is our trusty Lab Team member Alicia standing in front of the foot tall antique apothecary cupboard. If every member of AIRR takes a shot at a guest appearance, we expect that this new feature of the show will continue for about half a year!

He is also a respected member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers AIRRwhose services are sought for readings and rootwork by clients from all around the world.

Lucky mojo radio

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