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The last main character is Pearl.

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She is wild, free, and loves nature since she is secluded from everyone but her mother. He torments himself physically and psychologically and suffers from heart problems and guilt.

When he found out that it was the minister, he became his physician and kept tormenting him. Arthur Dimmsdale is the young puritan minister that the people dearly love but the more they love him, the more his guilt grows. She is the daughter of Hester and the constant reminder of the sins her parents had committed. Dimmsdale tries many times to confess but never seems to be able to do it.

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I think he is a coward because after being missing for two years he ironically shows up in time to see Find Hester humiliated. At the end of the novel Arthur Dimmsdale can't take it anymore and decides to free himself from this guilt and at daytime he, Hester, and Pearl stand on the scaffold and in front of the crowd, Dimmsdale confesses his sin. When Dimmsdale finds out that Hestfr knows he fathered Pearl, Hester, Pearl, and Dimmsdale plan to run away together.

He eventu ally confessed and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Hester Prynne commits adultery and now has to deal with the consequences by wearing the letter A on her gown at all times.

This is where she has committed her sin and where the minister Arthur Findd has to live with the guilt. He eventually finds out it was Arthur Dimmsdale who tries to hide his sins but now is tormented by Chillingworth. His sin is slowly killing him by giving him health problems like a bad heart.

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He also shows Fin the letter A on his chest. When she dies, she and Dimmsdale are buried in the same tombstone that has the scarlet letter A on it.

With God's help, I shall escape thee now! Chillingworth does his best to find out the person that fathered Pearl so he can get revenge. He is a old man and very cruel. Chillingworth dies a year later and Hester and Pearl leave Boston.

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It was meant to be a symbol of sin but becomes the identity of Hester. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is the man that fathered Hester's daughter and he deals with this guilt by tormenting himself. Hester Prynne is the main character of the story and she is the story's protagonist. There was an issue reaching the server, please try again. When the narrator says "they particularly criticize her for the ornateness of the embroidered badge on her chest--a letter "A" stitched Fund gold and scarlet.

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When the minister says "Thy power is not what it was! Hester is a good person because she never argued about her punishment and never blamed Arthur Dimmsdale for not confessing. Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays Hester as a person with a kind heart that doesn't let her sin turn her into a bad person. He plays the villain of the story.

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Will it not come of its own accord, when I am a woman grown? Pearl is married and living with her husband. It Finr away and hides itself, because it is afraid of something on your bosom Please search again by visiting our Location Finder. Change Zip AmeriGas offices provide customer support and services to customers within a certain area.

Pearl is rebellious and happy most of the time. Hester and Pearl are living in a small cottage outside of the town.

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She helps out the poor a lot during the years after her humiliation. Hawthorne tells us that the adultery that Hester has committed is not the importance of this novel, but how she lives her life by her own standards.

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Hester does suffer emotionally and cries often in her cottage. The plot develops the theme because it shows how it has effected Hester's life and the people around her. This story takes place in the seventeenth century in Boston Massachusetts. It's a little confusing because the narrator shifts from years ago when he's talking about events and then comes back to the present time when he is talking to the readers. She is young, beautiful, and a proud woman.

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Even though she suffers, this whole ordeal has made her a better and stronger person. He is a revengeful person and did all he can to find out who was the other sinner. She committed adultery with Arthur Dimmsdale but swore not to give up his identity.

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