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Jim always got hard right away in my mouth but took a little longer to cum after the two earlier blowjobs.

Cocksucker Always Available 247

When we arrived, Jim took out his cock and told me to do the same. He starts by learning to serve them before being initiated into group sex and much more. Cocjsucker

Cocksucker Always Available 247

This is his story told in a matter of fact manner that is in stark Cockzucker to the horrors he endures, or does he? Some of these are inspired by my readers.

I imagine shooting all over her tits! I hoped the subject wouldn't Avaipable come up, but after only a couple of minutes Jim asked, "How would it be if you sucked my cock but didn't cum? Jim's hard cock was at eye level, just inches from my face.

Cocksucker Always Available 247

We had been best friends since before we started school and did nearly everything together. Avaikable was silent for a time and then blurted out, "I think about sucking your cock! We d once we Cocksuvker alone again. This was an incredibly submissive thing to do, but I felt like I was completely in control, and loving every moment. Comment: Synopsis: A group of dominant wives collectively take revenge on their husbands for misbehaviour during a boy's night out.

That was all I could take and found myself cumming on my bed sheets. Comment: Synopsis: Long term enslavement In my aroused state I agreed to give it a try.

Cocksucker Always Available 247

I hoped Jim wouldn't notice, but soon he did. He drew closer to me and pressed his cock head to my lips. Suddenly I was overcome with guilt and shame, now regretting my behavior with Jim.

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We met in a restroom that had urinals at the far end, past the stalls. I did my homework and then went to bed. As the first hot squirts emerged from Jim's cock I just held it in my mouth, savoring the unique taste. The first blowjob was in the woods on the way to school in the morning. Jim Cocksuccker briefly pull out of my mouth and direct me to swallow my cum, then finish sucking him off.

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Comment: The Trap : by Bad Bob Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. I really didn't know what I was doing, but just moved my tongue around while sucking. He liked Cockscker work and soon I was blowing him regularly as well. When we did hear the door open, we would quickly stand at the urinals, pretending to take a leak.

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It was another strong climax, leaving my balls aching from being completely drained. Comment: Synopsis: The humiliating misadventures of the perfect catch ever to have the misfortune to fall into the clutches of an avaricious woman and her mother.

Sometimes it was in an elevator, sometimes in a stairwell. This is not for the macho types or those with little stomach for a world that most refuse to acknowledge.

Aldays I couldn't undo it and would never be able to face Jim again. After a few simple questions Jim hit me with one that stunned me, "What do you think of when you jack off? As soon as he took out his cock I would be on my knees sucking him. Once again the guilt and shame overtook me, and I was glad to finally drift off to sleep.

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Feel free to contact me with your comments or requests. With Martin she gets the opportunity of living out her dreams, together and on her own. Read as this adventure begins and ends. Comment: Synopsis: this is basically one of our adventures that include scat, spanking and ball busting!

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Our class schedule had us in separate rooms, but we met for lunch. Comment: Synopsis: A nice wife goes bad!

Cocksucker Always Available 247

Comment: Synopsis: One of an ongoing series of tales of poor david, slave to the Cocmsucker Natalie, and her lover, Gareth. To be continued. He makes a new friend. This is an old story of mine I thought I might as well share. It's a very good arrangement for both of us.

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Have you sucked other guys? I felt completely humiliated by what I'd done and thought my friendship with Jim was over.

I got up and we continued our walk home. It was strong, and unlike anything else, and I was thrilled to receive it! Alwahs Synopsis: Man gets turned into Mommies naughty girl when he does something to Mommies panties he is not supposed to and gets caught. I began to blush red.

Cocksucker Always Available 247

I hope you enjoy this series. Comment: Synopsis: A man gets a new job.

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After traumatic early life events, they begin to kidnap male sexual predators and imprison them in the basement of their mansion. I just hoped it would ruin our friendship.

Cocksucker Always Available 247

Jim assured me that whatever I said was completely private and would strengthen our friendship.

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